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37 years, 37 weeks, 37 reasons why now is the time to secure the future of the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

Join with others to finish a journey that began more than 37 years ago with an inspired group of women who had the vision to create the first museum in the United States to focus on quilts and textiles as an art form.

Over the past ten years the Museum board, staff, volunteers, and patrons have worked diligently to realize the dream of a permanent, world-class facility and leave a legacy for future generations.

Fiber artists, art lovers, collectors, quilters, crafters, families, and local community members will always have a place to explore, create, experience, and celebrate quilts and fiber art.

Yes, I want to help realize the dream!

The $1.4 million campaign will pay off the mortgage, eliminating the interest payments that drain resources from the Museum’s mission to produce the kind of visitor experiences that contribute to a vibrant, creative community.

As we celebrate our 37th year we urge you to join us over the next 37 weeks to realize the dream of a permanent, world-class fiber arts institution.

As of May 2014, we’ve raised 50% of our goal, and we have just 37 weeks to go!

• Gifts and pledges may be made over a period from now to January 2015.
• Gifts may be paid in cash or appreciated securities.
• Contributions may be made “in honor of” or “in memory of” whomever you wish.
• A list of commemorative naming opportunities is available from the campaign office.
• Your gift is fully tax deductible.

Need more reasons to consider a donation? We have 37 of them.
#37: The Museum was named one of the top 10 places to see amazing quilts by USA Today
#36: You can make your own art during our South First Friday Meet & Make fiber salons
#35: Support for the arts generates job growth, business development, and tax revenue
#34: The museum is one of only 2 venues in the western United States this year to host the country’s premiere exhibition of contemporary art quilts known as Quilt National.
#33: The building at 520 South First Street is a designated historical landmark built in 1922.
#32: “The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is special. It was the first museum in the U.S. dedicated to the belief that textiles are an art form, not just ‘women’s work’.” – Patron
#31: Art is good for your brain. It engages multiple skills and abilities, and nurtures cognitive development.
#30: Children engaged in arts activities do better in school—across all subjects.
#29: The Museum was the first in the nation to focus on quilt-making and textiles, and now is the only venue in the Bay Area to present this art form.
#28: The collection includes an 1840 quilt top made by Mary Tayloe Lloyd Key, wife of national anthem author Francis Scott Key.
#27: The arts in Santa Clara County comprise a $167.4 million industry.
#26:“The [museum] is ideally situated to reflect San Jose’s position as a de facto model for the country’s emerging multicultural society.” – San Jose Mercury News
#25: Every culture throughout history has had a textile tradition through which people learned about and sustained their social, civic and religious rituals. The Museum is the venue to share these traditions with the community.
#24: “The museum has something for just about everyone. And yet, it remains one of downtown's little-known treasures.” – Yelper
#23: As an arts institution the Museum fulfills the roles of educator, experience-maker, preservationist of important historical pieces, and as an advocate for the recognition of textiles as a fine art medium.
#22: “The San Jose museum's summation – which represents quilting's progression from rusticism to modernism – keeps it at the forefront of the small but vital textile vanguard.” – San Jose Mercury News
#21: The collection includes a near-mint condition 19th-century Japanese firefighter’s helmet made of padded fabric.
#20: The museum has an outstanding record of transparency and leadership.
#19: “This museum is a gem.” – TripAdvisor member
#18: Quilting became a primary vehicle for women’s social, political, and artistic expression when other forms of expression were not available to them.
#17: “It looks small from the outside, but once you get in, there is plenty of wonderful things to see.” – Yahoo Travel
#16: “The unique facility hosts ever-changing exhibitions of textile arts from around the world…Great displays beautifully document where quilts have been and where the art form is going.” – USA Today
#15: Textile art transcends cultural, ethnic, age and gender boundaries, and encompasses traditional as well as contemporary forms.
#14: The Museum is dedicated to showcasing the textile art of masters and emerging artists.
#13: For much of American history, quilt-making was one of the few socially acceptable forms of self-expression available to most women.
#12: “Quilts as Women’s Shelter,” created in partnership with Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence and the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association, gives participants the sense of accomplishment and confidence that comes from engaging in the creative process.
#11: “Every single time I think this is even better than the last exhibit!” – TripAdvisor member
#10: The 850-piece permanent collection includes historic quilts, contemporary art quilts, and textile-based art forms, as well as costumes and garments from world cultures.
#09: The museum’s indexed library of reference books and related periodicals is available to researchers.
#08: “Quilts are often buried within other museums where textile arts rarely have designated gallery space.” – Artist, patron
#07: An anchor institution on South First St., the museum helped transform a previously sketchy area into a thriving arts district.
#06: “You guys rock!” – 10 year old boy
#05: “The deep appeal of the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is that it reaches beyond aesthetic objects made by artists into an artistry that has bubbled forth from a much broader swath of humanity across cultures and times.” – San Jose Mercury News
#04: The museum curates and co-curates many exhibition “firsts” such as the first exhibition of contemporary Chinese fiber art ever to travel to the U.S. and the first major retrospective of aloha-wear pioneer Alfred Shaheen.
#03: The museum collaborates with other institutions and collectors to showcase their cultural traditions such as Vietnamese ao dai, royal Indonesian batiks, Chinese baby carriers, and folk Indian textiles.
#02: The Museum serves close to 25,000 visitors each year—15,000 at the Museum and 10,000 at pop-up exhibitions and programs in the community.
#01: Completion of this campaign secures the museum’s position as a regionally significant teaching, exhibiting, and collecting art institution.

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