Artist in Residence Program

The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles' Artist in Residence program began in October 2016 with an incredible response from the local community, Museum Members, and Visitors.  We host an artist or collaborative group every three months. Artists have an onsite open studio during their three month residency in our newly renovated Maker Space. Our AIR program also provides exhibition space for each artist in our Maker Space Gallery.


Current Artist in Residence 



January - March 2019

Profoundly interested in the idea of hybridization (sparked from her Hapa heritage – she is ½ Japanese and ½ Caucasian), Solomon’s mixed media works revolve thematically around domesticity, craft, and masculinity/femininity, and often the pursuit of art as science/research. She is frankly obsessed with color/color theory and is drawn to found objects tending to alter them conceptually so that their meanings and original uses or intents are re-purposed. She often fuses “wrong” things together – re contextualizing their original purposes, and incorporating materials that inherently question and skirt the line between ART and CRAFT.