FiberSpace Exhibition Program

FiberSpace is an exhibition platform where the Museum provides gallery space and community members provide the work and resources to mount a professional exhibit.

The Museum seeks proposals for FiberSpace exhibitions that appeal to the community, contain a clear and unified theme, and incorporate the work of three or more fiber artists or quilt makers. Themes can be broad, present a variety messages and viewpoints, and incorporate a range of fiber media and techniques. To increase community involvement and enrichment, each exhibition is required to develop and carry out at least one community outreach element. This could include hands-on activities for children or adults or special performances.


While the basic operational expenses of mounting an exhibition will be borne by the Museum, exhibiting groups are expected to provide a measure of support as well. A plan for what portion of costs the applicant can or will attempt to provide is an integral element of the group’s proposal. Support can come from a variety of sources, including grants from organizations, foundations, corporations or individuals, or entry fees from an open call to artists. In addition, the majority of works exhibited must be available for sale, and all proceeds will be split 50/50 between the participants and the Museum. Any work sold must remain for the duration of the exhibit and all sales will be handled by the Museum Store.

Each application must have a minimum of three exhibiting artists. The applicants will designate a managing curator for the exhibition who may or may not be one of the exhibiting artists. Due to the nature of the exhibition space, only work that can be mounted on the wall will be considered; three- dimensional work requiring 360-degree viewing will not be considered.

Proposals may be submitted at any time but will be reviewed quarterly. Applicants are accepted based on the strength of the thematic concept, work submitted, the community engagement proposal, and financial support. Exhibitions should be for a length of time of two months. Staff and Board members of SJMQT are ineligible to apply or exhibit during or for six months after the end of their term.

Applicants are encouraged to understand basic curatorial and exhibition practices although prior experience isn’t required. While Museum staff will provide basic curatorial and installation guidelines, the applicants should recognize the opportunity to install their exhibition in a museum setting is a unique learning experience. 


                                                                                                                  Downloadable PDF Application