Dear SJMQT Family,

please read this. We have worrying news from the White House as of may 23, 2017. If you have not donated to our Spring Appeal or considered becoming a member, we ask that you do today. You can even sponsor a Artist in Residence to show your support of hardworking artists or simply volunteer at the Museum. 

Today, may 23, 2017, The White House released the official details of its proposed FY2018 "skinny budget" that President Donald Trump proposed in March.

In this latest version, President Donald Trump doubles down on his recommendation to ELIMINATE the nation’s key federal cultural agencies for the arts, humanities, museums, libraries, and public broadcasting by allocating the minimal amount “for expenses necessary to carry out their closure.” The budget proposal also eliminates important arts education and after-school grant programs, with many of their budgets being "zeroed out".

Please contact our congressional representatives to let them know we do not support this "slash and burn" of arts and cultural agencies, and educational programs. Please donate, volunteer, or become a Member.

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please click here to become a member

Here is a breakdown of how monetary increments can help SJMQT's exhibits and artists in specific ways: 
-$20.00 buys hanging hardware for mounting an artist's pieces.
-$20.00 will pay for fabric glue, craft paper, pencils for children's art classes at SJMQT.
-Eighteen $40.00 donations pays for one show's exhibition vinyl lettering
-$50.00 would help us pay for the installations materials needed to hang the Artist in Residence's art, such as support labels, museum putty, and hanging hardware.
-$100 Sponsors an Artist in Residence Open Studio
-$500.00 Support an Artist in Residence for one month. 
-$1,500 Support a 3 month residency of a SJMQT Artist in Residence (It is a 3 month residency).

Thank you all for your support. The arts need you now more than ever.


Ten more ways to support SJMQT. 

Now, more than ever, we need our community, individuals like yourself, to do your part in protecting the arts.

Spending even one hour per month on one of the ten suggestions below, can do so much for the local art scene and for the communities and people who learn from and love the Museum.  

1. Come to the Museum, explore the galleriesand its events. Bring your friends. Encourage people to step through our doors. Word-of-mouth is powerful. Book a private tour at the Museum for your friends, school, book club, or place of worship. 

2. Please consider becoming a member. You'll get free access to many events and many other benefits.  

Email elizabeth at to learn about Membership. 

3. Visit Artist in Residences' Open Studios. Get to know and support our community's local artists. 

4. Tell your friends about SJMQT online and share our posts on your social media channels. Use hashtags and tag us in your posts.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter (Both @SJMQT), Facebook, and Twitter

For example, #SJMQT #SJMQT40, #museumsadvocacy, #museumsadvocacy2017, #speakupformuseums

5. Support our fundraisers. We are a nonprofit organization. Our fundraisers are not only fun, but an important way to ensure that our doors stay open.

Click her to read about our FiberShot Fundaiser and art submission and the Champagne Gala. 

6. Volunteer. There is so much to learn and so many ways to help, and you can align your volunteering to your interests. Interested in learning about installations? Looking to work with children? Trying to understand Museum store/retail management? Interested in interning? Let us know. Email louise at 

7. Become a donor. You would be surprised what even the smallest of monetary increments can do for SJMQT. 

Our Spring Appeal Campaign has begun. Click here to understand how you can help us meet our goal and make a difference in the Museum.

-Eighteen $40.00 donations will pay for one show's vinyl lettering for our exhibitions.

-$20.00 buys hanging hardware for mounting an artist's pieces.

-$20.00 will pay for fabric glue, craft paper, and pencils for children to be able to use while they learn valuable art skills.

-Four $50.00 donations would pay for a sewing machine that our Artist in Residences could use for their work in SJMQT.

-$50.00 would help us pay for the installations materials needed to hang the Artist in Residence's art. Items include support labels, museum putty, and hanging hardware.

-$500.00 supports an Artist in Residence for one month. The Residency runs for three months. 

8. Become a sponsor. Email Amanda, our Deputy Director, at Amanda to find out about the details and benefits of sponsorship. 

9. If your place of work supports the arts and nonprofit organizations, let them know about us. Hold your work events at SJMQT. We have a beautiful space.

10. Shop in our Gift Shop. 50% of the artist-made items' proceeds go to the local artist, and the other 50% goes to SJMQT.