Judy Hooworth  Mothers and Daughters , 2001 The Marbaum Collection, SJMQT

Judy Hooworth
Mothers and Daughters, 2001
The Marbaum Collection, SJMQT

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Welcome! At San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, our mission is to promote and celebrate the art, creators, craft and history of quilts and textiles. We are dedicated to showcasing the most cutting edge quilts, fiber art and textiles, while honoring our textile traditions.  The range of works we display is reflected in our annual exhibition calendar. Exhibitions change every 6 - 12 weeks and we hope to see you throughout the year. 

Our current exhibitions reflect risk taking, highlighting relevant social and political issues, through an array of mediums such as fabric collage, embroidery, cut paper, and installation. For upcoming exhibitions visit here.

Our permanent collection is not currently on display but you can check out our new searchable data base here.



Evanescence: Judith Content




March 16, 2019
11am - 3pm

$10 Members, $15 Non-Members

Learn more about your quilt’s history! Staff and trained volunteers examine quilts and offer information about styles, patterns, fabrics and estimated age. An information form and documentation label will be provided for each quilt. No appraisals will be given. Advanced registration required.





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