Chuck Stolarek  Blenders over Penguins with Suction Cup  Embroidery with Cotton Thread

Chuck Stolarek
Blenders over Penguins with Suction Cup
Embroidery with Cotton Thread


FEBRUARY 28 - APRIL 15, 2018


SHOJI TABUCHEESE is the 2017-2018 textile-based projects of Chuck Stolarek. Chuck is interested in context and the perfect spot between fiction & non-fiction. When possible, the medium is massively time-consuming and the subject matter is light and unexplained. The effect is laughter and confusion. Chuck is a 2002 graduate of Rhode Island School of Design’s furniture design program. His work has been seen in Sportswear International, LA Weekly, Surface Magazine, and on MTV.

Chuck Stolarek at RISD


JANUARY 19 - APRIL 15, 2018


Director Emeritus of the Museum of Arts and Design in NY, Paul J. Smith is most noted for his groundbreaking curatorial works in the America Studio Craft Movement. During his career, he collected traditional and ethnographic textiles during his world travels that have never been exhibited before.

 Phulkari, Punjab Artist Unknown Silk embroidery thread, cotton Hand embroidery

Phulkari, Punjab
Artist Unknown
Silk embroidery thread, cotton
Hand embroidery



JANUARY 19 - APRIL 15, 2018

Award wining British textile artist and designer, Vien Le Wood is the founder of Gold Spink Studio, a fashion embellishment concept house based in Brooklyn, New York. Vien has ten years’ experience in the fashion industry. Vien’s exhibition, Talismanic Tresses is based on her view of human hair which she believes it acts as a conductor to our higher consciousness and intuition.In this exhibition she intimately crafted, stitch-by-stitch, piece-by-piece, and layer-by-layer the act of embellishment with an artistic expression. Le Wood believes that through the process of being gifted precious hair and buying discarded hair, an energy exchange is created that sends the message of mortality.

Image: Talismanic Tresses , 2017, Staples, copper, naturally dyed mohair yarn,  tie dyed and screen printed human hair. 


JANUARY 19 - APRIL 15, 2018


As a fabric sculptor, Santa Cruz-based artist Susan Else pushes the boundaries of the studio art quilt movement by integrating sound, light and motors with colorful, stitched figures. In her solo exhibition Without a Net, Else explores the theatrical awe and dark underbelly of the circus. 

  Above the Boardwalk , 2007 65 x 50 x 25" Collaged and quilted cloth over armature, motorized, with audio

Above the Boardwalk, 2007
65 x 50 x 25"
Collaged and quilted cloth over armature, motorized, with audio

 Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe performs

Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe performs


JANUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 25, 2018

A journey to preserve the traditions and culture of the Cambodian people began in 1975 with the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge. The exhibit shows classical and folk dance costumes brought from Cambodia, from hand sewn silks to painted canvas. All costumes are used by the Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe to keep the ancient traditions of the Khmer people alive in San Jose.


NOVEMBER 29, 2017 - JANUARY 14, 2018


Now in its fortieth year, the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is at a juncture in time, where we can both reflect on the past and look forward to the future. A juncture can also be an intersection of place or events, often one laden with symbolic potential: In many folk traditions, junctures as represented by crossroads are a potent metaphor for transition. Though a juncture can be a time for reflection, the word can also describe a critical moment or crisis that demands immediate action. With the concept as their point of departure, artists may take the exhibitions theme for "juncture" where it leads them.

  Paths , 2011, Gudny Campbell  Silk charmeuse top, silk ribbon binding, silk batting, cotton backing, yarn, beads

Paths, 2011, Gudny Campbell

Silk charmeuse top, silk ribbon binding, silk batting, cotton backing, yarn, beads

  Millwheel Signature Quilt , 1844, Unknown maker  Gift of Lea Russo and Bruce Berman, 2016.500.001

Millwheel Signature Quilt, 1844, Unknown maker

Gift of Lea Russo and Bruce Berman, 2016.500.001


OCTOBER 20, 2017 - JANUARY 14, 2018


Inserting one's identity is inherent in the process of an artist and their body of work. As San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles celebrates its 40th year, we reflect on our own identity and highlight pieces from the permanent collection acquired in the last five years. 


OCTOBER 15, 2017 - JANUARY 14, 2018


Through a variety of mediums, artist Mary Corey March explores questions of individuality, humanity, data, and expression. March’s participatory installation Identity Tapestry will enlist SJMQT visitors in creating a portrait of our community.  

Participants choose a ball of yarn to trace along the framework of statements pinned to the wall. These statements begin with basic biographical information, such as “I am a woman,” but splinter off into more complex facets of identity: “I have seen someone dying,” “I stop to enjoy a beautiful moment,” “I am fortunate.” Connecting point to point with their yarn, participants trace out the paths of their identities, making visible the ways in which we are the same and different from one another. In each of its locations, including San Francisco, Pepperdine University, Southern Vermont College, and Pfäffikon, Switzerland, Identity Tapestry thus becomes a work of art as unique as the people who contribute to it.

  Identity Tapestry  at San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, 2017

Identity Tapestry at San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, 2017

 Marianne Lettieri,  Somewhat There  (detail), 2017

Marianne Lettieri, Somewhat There (detail), 2017

Juncture 1: 40th Anniversary sjmqt member's exhibition

October 20, 2017 - November 26, 2017


Now in its fortieth year, the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is at a juncture in time, where we can both reflect on the past and look forward to the future. A juncture can also be an intersection of place or events, often one laden with symbolic potential: In many folk traditions, junctures as represented by crossroads are a potent metaphor for transition. Though a juncture can be a time for reflection, the word can also describe a critical moment or crisis that demands immediate action. With the concept as their point of departure, artists may take the exhibitions theme for "juncture" where it leads them. 


July 21 - October 15, 2017

Turner and Gilliland Galleries

The 13th Quilt Nihon Exhibition features over 30 quilts from the Japan Handicraft Instructors’ Association (JHIA), an organization that has promoted handcraft arts through training and publications in Japan for over 45 years. On display are quilts made by some of the most talented and respected artists from Japan and the Pacific Rim. SJMQT is pleased to be the first museum in the U.S. to present the 13th Quilt Nihon Exhibition, and these extraordinary prize winning quilts.


Thank You to our exhibition Silver Sponsors

 Saeko Hasumuro, Prayer for Peace, Cotton, Hand pieced, applique and hand quilted

Saeko Hasumuro, Prayer for Peace, Cotton, Hand pieced, applique and hand quilted

Linear Intervention, Sabine Reckewell

 Sabine Recekwell, Linear Intervention, 2017, Polyester webbing, wood strips, screws

Sabine Recekwell, Linear Intervention, 2017, Polyester webbing, wood strips, screws

JULY 21, 2017 - October 15, 2017

Finlayson Gallery

Artist Sabine Reckewell creates large-scale installation art using materials which resemble a line drawing in space. Reckewell's site- specific installation will span over 18 feet of orange polyester webbing to create an illusion of linear interventions. 

Courtesy of the Artist and Chandra Cerrito Contemporary


Bold statements: Quilts from the permanent collection

July 12 - October 15, 2017


On view will be a selection of modern and historic quilts from the museum’s permanent collection,

many from a recent gift and never before displayed.

  K.B.A.  (Initialed and dated)  Log Cabin (Courthouse Steps Variation),  1965  Gift of Lea and Bruce Berman 2016.500

K.B.A. (Initialed and dated) Log Cabin (Courthouse Steps Variation), 1965

Gift of Lea and Bruce Berman 2016.500

 Barbara Shapiro    Memory Vessel II , 2014

Barbara Shapiro 

Memory Vessel II, 2014


SEPTEMBER 6 - OCTOBER 15, 2017  


Opening reception Sunday September 10, 2017 , 3 pm - 5 pm 

Traditional techniques get contemporary interpretations as Bay Area Basket Makers (BABM) artists transform a variety of natural materials, found objects, wire, and uncommon fibers into vessels, baskets and sculptural forms.

 Roberta Pabst, Millefiori Madness, 2017 FiberShot.jpg

Roberta Pabst, Millefiori Madness, 2017 FiberShot.jpg

fibershots 4th annual community challenge & sale
July 22 - September 3, 2017


Pilar Agüero-Esparza, Beverly Allison, Laura Amador, Minoo Amjadi, Nathania Apple, Lynette Bartel, Mel Beach, Lea E. Beneken, Linda Benenati, Jessica Bernhardt, Susan Bianchi, Michelle Boyd, Pati Bristow, Tien Chiu, Robin Cowley, Mary Cravens, Gerre Davis, Heather Deyling, Amy DiPlacido, Ginny Dixon, Bobbi Finley, Jon Fischer, Karen Friedrichs, Jean Gillette, Rachel Gollub, Teri Hamma, Liz Harvey, Abby Holmes, Karen Huitric, Lona Ingraham, Geri Kennedy, Barbara Kibbe, Lynn Koolish, Mary Kubasak, Cara Lamb, Leslie Lambert, Joelle Lambert, Maureen Lardie, Marianne Lettieri, Patty Lovegreen, Peggy Ludwico, Rhonda Ludwico, Karen Mapple, Therese May, Victoria May, Bronwen McInerney, Masako Miki, Dolores Miller, Peggy Yep Morrow, Randa Mulford, Patricia Nass, Lori Nelson, Wilda Northrop, Kathy Oderio, Caroline Ogg, Roberta Pabst, Linda Paladino, Geri Patterson- Kutras, Lynn Richards, Emily Rosenberg, Pamela Schwartz, Joni Seidenstein, Catherine Sherman, M. Ann Smith, Ruth Smith, Susan Sorensen, Julie Zaccone Stiller, Marilyn Stocker, Marie Strait, Cheryl Strong, Michelle L. Sullivan, Connie Tiegel, Cristina Velazquez, Gayle Visher, ESW, Jaunell Waldo, Nancy Wegmann Riffle, LaNelle Wilkinson, Catherine Wong, Sue Yeager, Martine Yingling, Stephanie Zacharer Ruyle

  Tea and Skittles, Thomas Knauer

 Tea and Skittles, Thomas Knauer

Modern Quilt Guild - APRIL 21-JULY 16, 2017

Modern quilters work in different styles and define modern quilting in different ways, but several characteristics often appear which may help identify a modern quilt.

These include, but are not limited to: the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work.

 Nicole Daksiewicz, Geometric Rainbow

Nicole Daksiewicz, Geometric Rainbow

The Modern Quilt Guild was founded in 2009 and will show an array of contemporary quilts in this two - gallery show.






Carissa Carman, Ellie Honl, Anne Luben & Emily Weihing - JUNE 7TH - JULY 16TH, 2017

Carissa Carman, Ellie Honl, Anne Luben and Emily Weihing work across Textile and printmaking processes incorporating stitched paper, mono-printing, cyano-type, marbling, and screen-printing. This dynamic group of works explore ideas of place and personal narrative and push the boundaries of what a quilt is through variations in surface, form and imagery.

 Linda Gass, Wetlands Dream Revisited

Linda Gass, Wetlands Dream Revisited

Three Left Coast Artists:Linda Gass, Linda Macdonald, & Gyongy Laky

April 21-July 16, 2017

 Linda Macdonald, Mountain Lion in the City

Linda Macdonald, Mountain Lion in the City

Northern Californian has a long history of protest and political involvement. For Linda Gass, Gyongy Laky and Linda MacDonald the passion they bring to political issues is reflected in their artwork and the paths their lives have followed. This exhibit was curated by Barbara Shapiro, who also wrote the essay that inspired the exhibit. Please click here to read it. 

  Lively Island by Genovivia "Novie" Gudia, 2007, 85 x 60"

 Lively Island by Genovivia "Novie" Gudia, 2007, 85 x 60"

Quilts of Caohagan - April 21-July 9, 2017

This exhibition tells the story of a Japanese teacher, Junko Yoshikawa who came to the island of Caohagan to teach quilt-making techniques. 

A small island in the Philippines of just 600 residents, the quilts are uniquely inspired by their tropical climate and marked by their expert handiwork.

Today quilting has become an integral part of the island’s economy making the island sustainable.

  The Feminine Face of Jazz Series--Dee Dee Bridgewater,  Marion Coleman

The Feminine Face of Jazz Series--Dee Dee Bridgewater, Marion Coleman

  Sun bathing ,  Allyson Allen

Sun bathing ,  Allyson Allen

 OCTOPODA, Allyson Allen

OCTOPODA, Allyson Allen

QUILTBEAST: An Art Quilt Chimera marion coleman, allyson allen, phyllis binkley

April 21-June 4, 2017

QUILTBEAST  is an art quilt chimera, showcasing the distinct signature styles of three internationally renowned California fiber art Masters, Phyllis Binkley, Marion Coleman, and Allyson Allen. The exhibit features a variety of textile art techniques including graphic portraits, exquisite thread painted landscapes, and dimensionally embellished pieces. 

*Curated by exhibiting artist Allyson Allen. Sponsored by Glynn & Jo-An Turman and the XI Winds Ranch Foundation.

  Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun , Gabriela Cristu, 59" X 75," wool and cotton

Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Gabriela Cristu, 59" X 75," wool and cotton


aMerican Tapestry Biennial - January 20 - April 15, 2017

American Tapestry Biennial includes 36 tapestries, featuring artists from eight countries. The works selected for the exhibition high light the variety of artistic expression practiced today in the medium of hand woven tapestry. The pieces range from the subtle, visually complex, and even break new grounds in shape and surface texture. Tapestry's rich history and it's unique ability to render images in the tactile medium of the cloth offer contemporary artists a powerful vehicle for expressing both aesthetic and conceptual concerns. 

Read more here. 

  Positivity su Data , Lia Cook  60 x 48 inches, cotton, rayon; woven  gment-->

Positivity su Data, Lia Cook

60 x 48 inches, cotton, rayon; woven


Cerebral touch: Lia Cook 1980-Now

January 20 - April 15, 2017

Cerebral Touch: Lia Cook 1980- Now traces Cook's artistic journey from her abstract and dimensional pieces of the 1980s; weaving inspired by Old Masters drapery from her work during the 1990s; exploration of portraiture; and finally, work completed weeks before this exhibition opens. Her latest works explore the sensuality of the woven image and the emotional connections to memories of touch and cloth. Weaving is combined with painting, photography, video and digital technology.  Importantly, is Cook’s work and exploration of the possibilities of the Jacquard Loom. In recent years, Cook has worked with neuroscientists to investigate the nature of the emotional response to woven faces by mapping these responses in the brain. Cook’s explorations, layers of meaning, and complexity in thought and design in her work, distinguish her as a world-renowned, groundbreaking artist.   Read more here and watch a video here.


  Fate Destiny and Self Determination , Line Dufour  A interactive, world-travelling tapestry Installation

Fate Destiny and Self Determination, Line Dufour

A interactive, world-travelling tapestry Installation

Line Dufour: Fate Destiny and Self Determination - January 20 - April 15, 2017


Line Dufour's project Fate Destiny and Self Determination is a collaborative tapestry project based in weaving and other fiber art methods propelled by social media. The project is a large web of small weavings that people all over the world have donated. Through her Facebook page, she has received submissions from 230 people from 22 countries, a true collaborative effort.

Visitors will have the opportunity to make a small tapestry and contribute a small shape to this project. Read more here.


  Here Today,  Alex Friedman, 2013   Wool, cotton warp, spaced dyed wool, Tapestry, 72" x 54.5"

Here Today, Alex Friedman, 2013  
Wool, cotton warp, spaced dyed wool, Tapestry, 72" x 54.5"

Embedded Pattern: Three Approaches

Deborah Corsini, Alex Friedman, Michael Rohde - March 8 - April 15, 2017

Three contemporary mid-career tapestry artists continue to develop and refine their unique approaches to the tapestry medium. One can observe specific tapestry techniques where the patterned design is intimately connected with the technical process. Read more about Corsini, Friedman, and Rohde



 Jan Moore.  River, Take Me Along , 2014. Tapestry. Wool, 66” x 54”

Jan Moore. River, Take Me Along, 2014. Tapestry. Wool, 66” x 54”

Elemental Tapestry: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water An exhibition of Tapestry Weavers West - January 20 – March 5, 2017

Woven in tapestry and depicted in abstraction and realism the classic elements—earth, air, fire and water—represent both a microcosmic and macrocosmic view of the world. This exhibition examines the interconnected and powerful force of these core elements that are essence to life.  Eighteen tapestries by members of Tapestry Weavers West range from lyrical landscapes and metaphorical abstractions, to psychological interpretations of these primal components.  Founded in 1985 Tapestry Weavers West is a Northern CA based group that promotes the art of contemporary tapestry by exhibiting members work and with its quarterly newsletters, meetings, and website.

(Fiberspace Gallery).

  Clear Palisades , 1987 Linda MacDonald 92x92"

Clear Palisades, 1987 Linda MacDonald 92x92"


The California Art Quilt Revolution: From the Summer of Love to the New Millennium

October 7-January 15, 2017

In the last decades of the 20th century, California quilt makers charted new territory in quilt making, leading the nation in creativity and innovation. During the 1970s and 1980s, California artists were among the first to embrace the quilt medium as their primary means of expression. More traditional quilt makers also expanded horizons, creating original designs based on traditional quilt patterns. This exhibition includes works by pioneers of the art quilt movement such as Jean Ray Laury, Yvonne Porcella, Joan Schulze and Therese May, who pushed the boundaries of what could be called a quilt, and highlights late 20th and 21st century artists working in the quilt medium.

  Her Tapestry , Mary Ellen Latino

Her Tapestry, Mary Ellen Latino

Anything Goes: An Exhibit of Art Cloth Network - November 30, 2016 - January 15, 2017

The Art Cloth Network is a group of professional artists who promote the medium of cloth as an art form.  The cloth is a surface transformed. Color, line, shape, texture, value, or fiber is added or subtracted to create a compelling composition for deeply personal storytelling and life reflections. Limitless opportunities are explored: dyeing, painting, foiling, folding, photo manipulating, stitching, and layering.  From afar, they are riveting abstract works. Up close the methods used are extraordinary in their diversity and experimentation. Emotions are worked out through holes burned into flannel, creative cutting and stitching, photo manipulation and layering, dyed fragments, and paint re-touching.



hmong Story Cloths: Stitching a History

October 7, 2016 through January 15, 2017

Chronicling the lives of the Hmong people of Laos, Story Cloths are vibrant and intricate needlework that developed out of refugee camps following the Vietnam War. As an alternative to written language, village women would stitch cloth at night  to document and communicate the story of their daily lives: collecting water, harvesting, transforming hemp into fabric- and also the highlights of their lives: escaping a great flood, New Year festivities, and marriage rituals.  The story cloths offer an intimate view into the cultural legacy and resilience of the Hmong people.

Join Author Linda Gerdner on Sunday November 6 at 1pm to 2pm for a lecture, reading and book signing.








Gregory Case Lines Angles and Shapes.jpg

Lines, Angles, and Shapes

Jean Renli Jurgenson, Sue Siefkin and Geri Patterson-Kutras

October 7, 2016 through November 27, 2016

Opening Reception Sunday October 9, 2016 3pm-5pm, Members

In the exhibit “Lines, Angles, and Shapes,” at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, three Northern California fiber artists explore architectural themes. Whether drawing inspiration from actual buildings or pure imagination, each artist reveals her way of expressing angle, perspective, line, and shape through her use of  value, color, and scale. The quilts ask viewers to consider the visual strength of the masonry, wood and steel as they are depicted in the supple, fluid medium of cloth.



Wedding dress: yesterday, today & tomorrow - July 8, 2016 through October 2, 2016

The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles will provide a richly illustrated exhibition featuring over 50 wedding dress examples from cultures around the world, spanning the last 100 years. It will also include examples of today’s diverse wedding couture.  

The white wedding dress has dominated the Western imagination since it was popularized by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. But the color, style and ceremonial importance of wedding apparel has often varied according to time period, as well as cultural and religious traditions. In eastern cultures, for instance, brides often choose red to symbolize auspiciousness.

Borrowing from: local cultural organizations, collectors, designers and History San Jose; this show will illuminate the evolution of the wedding dress, ethnic similarities and differences, and explore new questions raised by the legalization of same-sex marriage. Included in the collection will be a colorful 17’ Moroccan wedding belt, a dress worn by Josie Eldridge Crump in 1895 and a DIY dress designed around a bride’s tattoos. Traditions are clearly no longer limited to something borrowed and something blue. 

The exhibition is guest curated by Kate Eilertsen who says: “Whether it is a traditional kimono, red sari or satin Flapper era dress, the wedding dress reveals much about the traditions and history of communities around the world.”

Members Opening Reception July 10th 3-5pm

Mike McNamara: Wedding Ring Explosion

July 8, 2016 through October 2, 2016

Over the past twenty years, Mike McNamara “Mac” has made twenty-one Double Wedding Ring quilts for his couple friends and family, gay and straight. Early on, he made his own version of these quilts. The first designs were started with two intersecting gold rings. Subsequent versions evolved into quilts with gold arcs and hints of rings. Long before gay marriage became the law of the land, his Double Wedding Rings quilts included gay friends and family members. Like the Wedding Dress clothing exhibit, Mac’s quilts look at how wedding quilt traditions have changed over the centuries and how 21st century quilt makers are celebrating today's marriages.

Transmorpho: The Future of Textiles and Fashion Design by UC Davis-FT Lab

August 24, 2016 through October 2, 2016

Developed in the UC Davis Fashion Design and Technology Lab, the collection presents textiles and fashion-driven interdisciplinary efforts that combine computer science, electrical engineering, and architecture to improve people's quality of life and wellness. This exhibition comprises smart textiles, wearable technology, and sustainable, transformable clothing; the mixing of low and high technologies can be converted into multiple colors, shapes, and designs by growing, changing and being reformed or restructured. The co-designers include Rong Ben, Tinsley Fok, Sean Huang, Megan Johnston, SueBin (Sally) Lee, Jason Lin, Katherine Ta, Dat Vo and 19 other students majoring in design or electrical and computer engineering. The exhibition also features work created from the Design and Wearable Technology class. Additional collaborators include San Francisco- based architects Jongsun Lee and Misun Lee as well as designers from the Medialab- Prado in Spain.


Inspirations II   May 4, 2016 - July 3, 2016

What inspires artists? Is it their environment, the people in their lives, minute observation, grand passions, perhaps the act of artistic creation itself? Inspirations II, from the Northern California/Northern Nevada Region of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), an international organization supporting and promoting the art quilt, will show the result of twenty textile artist taking personal inspiration and, using a wide and inventive array of materials and techniques, turning it into a work of art that expresses their unique voice. This show is the successor to Northern California Inspirations, which was exhibited at FiberSpace in 2014. 

Jazz impressions - july 2016 - September 2016

Visit the Porcella Gallery to see how one American classic interprets another, JAZZ and Quilts. Members of the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association will display guilts and other fiber arts based on Jazz music. Selected items of the 45 that are displayed will be available for purchase. This exhibition is in perfect accompaniment with the San Jose Jazz 27th Summer Fest August 12th through 14th.

                                              Members Opening Reception July 10th 3-5pm

 Patty Hawkins,  Forest Enigma

Patty Hawkins, Forest Enigma

earth stories: 25th anniversary exhibition from studio art quilt associates -  NovEMBER 6, 2015 - FEBRUARY 28, 2016

There are many stories of hope across the globe. Both individuals and small groups are working on projects that, when added together, make a positive impact on improving the quality of life on this planet. Earth Stories celebrates the stories of people and projects that enhance the planet, make a significant difference in restoring and/or protecting the environment, increase sustainability and otherwise enhance the earth we all occupy. Juror Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi chose twenty-four artists from around the world to interpret a "story" of their choice and highlight the positive effects of individual and collective actions.




Blanket Statements: New Quilts by Kaffe Fassett and Historical Quilts from the Quilt Museum and Gallery, York, England features twenty new quilts designed and created by Kaffe Fassett in response to fifteen significant historic quilts, dating from 1780-1949, selected by the artist from the York Quilt Museum and Gallery. The traditional historic quilts provide contrast to Fassett’s bold fabric designs and explosion of color.  San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is one of only two American museum venues to host this spectacular exhibition.

Additional loans from Fassett’s family and a private collector represent over fifty years of the artist’s work in painting, knitwear, needlepoint design, and ceramics, illustrating the full range of Fassett’s prodigious talents. The additional material provides visitors with a rich experience and deeper understanding of Fassett’s lifelong creative journey.

 Born and raised in Big Sur, California, Fassett studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but has made England his home since the mid 1960s.  Fassett transformed the hand-knitting world in the 1970s with his bold use of color, incorporating an unprecedented twenty shades of yarn in one sweater!  He continued to explore needlepoint, mosaics, rug making, tapestries, yarn and fabric design, costume and set design, and as this exhibition brilliantly illustrates, quilt making. His influence in the quilt world has been as profound as his effect on knitting, needlepoint and other fiber arts.

 Now in his seventies, one of world’s foremost fiber artists and designers continues to be extraordinarily prolific and shows no signs of slowing down.

 Lin Schiffner,  Meditation on Earth

Lin Schiffner, Meditation on Earth

earth, water, air, fire - JANUARY 3 - FEBRUARY 28, 2016

Since ancient times, the four classical elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire have been used as a way to organize and understand the miraculous mystery of life's essence--the most basic, unchangeable fabrics of existence. The ARTful Women, Sandra Poteet, Gail Sims, Lin Schiffner and Ann Sanderson, have interpreted the classical elements in fiber art. Utilizing texture, color, cloth and thread each artist explored all four elements as a series, resulting in four distinct, artful interpretations.

Poetry Reading/Artists Reception: Sunday, February 7, 2 -4 pm.

Don't miss the chance to meet the four accomplished fiber artists in this exhibition and four exceptionally talented poets—Sally Ashton, Jennifer Swanton Brown, Pathenia M. Hicks, and Persis Karim. The artists have created sixteen works that are the roots of inspiration for sixteen ekphrastic poems created specially for this exhibition. The public is invited to meet these eight women, view the fiber pieces and hear the poets read their beautiful words.


This juried exhibition from the Northern California Surface Design Association (SDA) includes nineteen artworks that display a wide range of fiber art techniques, in both two and three-dimensions. Artists in this exhibition explore new variations of traditional techniques--felting, weaving, coiling, stitching, dyeing, painting, printing, quilting, and embroidery--using modern materials, often to express contemporary social or political ideas.

Exhibition Reception: Sunday, January 10, 1-4 pm.

 George-Ann Bowers,  Pod Cluster 2 , 2015 Photo credit: Dana Davis

George-Ann Bowers, Pod Cluster 2, 2015
Photo credit: Dana Davis