Quilts as Women's Shelter
Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

In July 2009 the Museum launched a new program called Quilts as Women’s Shelter in partnership with Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence and the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association (SCVQA). This program serves women and children whose lives have been changed by domestic violence. This popular program is designed to provide participants with new skills and the sense of accomplishment and confidence that comes from the creative process and successfully exercising new skills. Quilts as Women's Shelter is a curriculum-based program that teaches participants the basics of design, color theory and quiltmaking. At the end of an eight-week session, each has participant designed and constructed her own quilt. Originally begun as a program for women, the teens and tweens who participated by offering translation services have asked to participate and the program was expanded to include them as well.

We are all women who have been in the same situations, and well, we are doing something else to better ourselves. Since the first day, it’s like I couldn’t wait for the next class. I couldn’t wait; it’s soothing, it calms me down, it sets your mind free. Your mind is free doing this...I get out on the machine and it completely drops my stress level way down.
— Quilts as Women's Shelter Participant

If you are interested in learning more about Quilts as Women’s Shelter or becoming a volunteer, please contact us through the submission form below.

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