Upcoming Artists in Residence


damla yalçın-profil photo.jpg


APRIL 5 - JUNE 23, 2020

Damla Yalçın presents a synthesis of her memories and dreams through a phenomenological approach focused on the inner value of the interior. She sheds light on her personal memory through embroidery, which is also based on her own story.

Focusing on dreams about home, the artist touches the poetic foundations of spaces with her images rather than memories. She places objects that are the embodiments of accumulated emotions in her spaces.

Inserting herself into the images she creates, in which the starting points are her old photographs, the artist transforms the rooms, where her eternalized moment of waiting occurs, into places of spectacle where memory and fantasy merge.

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JULY 5 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

Ellie Brennan is an emerging fiber artist from the North East of England. Her work is an exploration of class, food and comfort, and provides a critical look at nostalgia and its place in our lives. Through the creation of labor intensive rugs, banners and miscellaneous textile pieces, she attempts to reinvent traditional making methods and adapt them for modern applications. Working with these methods provides time for reflection, and Ellie is keen to encourage similar ways of self-teaching and making as a form of therapy. Ellie recently earned her BA(hons) Fine Art from Manchester School of Art, and is currently based in Manchester, where she runs regular textile workshops, encouraging learning and discussion. Her work has been featured in several UK exhibitions, as well as in the 60th anniversary issue of AMBIT magazine.'